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Meet John Z !


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Why Buying a DeLorean makes Perfect Sense! My excuses.

Where can I GET one? DeLoreans for SALE ! Plenty are available on the 'net.

What's a DeLorean Worth? Here's my data! Does Mileage matter?

Insuring a DeLorean. My experience. Also, websites that will give you a quote.

What does it take to keep a DeLorean on the road? Read the Service & Repair history of my DMC.
Links to other owner's service stories also!

DeLorean Snapshots   Pics of my D.

Gold Plated DeLoreans

Other Stainless Steel Cars

Clubs and commercial sites. DeLorean Parts  Other owners' pages.

What I know about the 'New DMC' or 'DMC2.'  The end of the story?

What does electrochemistry have to do with  Painted DeLoreans  ? Find out here!

Brushed Aluminum Tire GaugeBrushed Aluminum Digital Tire Pressure Gauge! About $20 from Amazon.com

The 1:18 scale DeLorean diecast model! Nearly the real thing!

Back in Stock!

DeLorean Books. Where to get out-of-print or hard to find books about the man and the car. 

Windows® users can Meet John Z.
John Z is a Talking DeLorean character for Microsoft Agent.(Sorry MacNuts!)

"Jigawatt? Doc, What the hell is a Jigawatt?" A pronunciation guide!

DeLorean Trademarks Surprising activity!  

What's the connection between DeLoreans Electrochemistry and Elizabeth Shue

Free DeLoreans! Paper or Virtual!

What does a DeLorean sound like?
Not what you'd expect! 

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John Z. DeLorean
The man is gone. The dream lives on.

Two articles appeared in the New York Times nearly simultaneously.  One announced the passing of John DeLorean, the other featured Rob Grady's shop. (3/21/05) 
The Oregonian published a very funny Jack Ohman cartoon. Check the week of Mar. 24,2005. 

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