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Dr. Bob's Bookshelf

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What's on it?

This section is devoted to books that I've read and enjoyed, or that I feel are valuable. Many really are on my bookshelf! I've included links so you can put them on your bookshelf too, if you are so inclined. Check the Web & Software Area and Bob's Diecast too!

DeLorean Books ! - Hard to find!! 

Mini Mania - The diminutive car that stole our hearts! 

The Motorcar - Books that celebrate the automobile! Duesenbergs are featured!  UPDATED 

The Ford GT and GT40 in print.  UPDATED 
    Check Bob's Diecast too!

Characters from the movie "Cars" (Pixar) - Cardboard Standups!

The Duesenberg on TV - Two A&E videos that spotlight the Duesenberg.

Fuel Cells - Powering the Automobile through Electrochemistry!

Electrochemistry - This shelf has some texts that I use for references and that are pretty good to learn from too! A good place to start if you seriously want to learn electrochemistry. These books, and others of interest to the electrochemist, can be ordered at The Bookstore on the web site of Research Solutions and Resources ( )

Feynman - Richard Feynman is one of my heroes! Some of his books that I've read are on this shelf, along with a few related items that I found interesting. Also check the Tuva Shelf for Leighton's book on Tuva and CD's of Tuvan music.

The Hitchhiker's Guide - A delightful series by Douglas Adams. I like the philosophical tidbits too! 

Sherlock Holmes in Books and on DVD. 

Nero Wolfe on Video - My favorite corpulent detective!  

Ground Zero and 9/11. Recollections and a book of photos. 

Elisabeth Shue Posters. Electrochemistry and DeLoreans!

Miscellaneous - Books that didn't fit any of the above. 


Bob's Diecast:

      1:18 Scale Duesenbergs - My preferred scale!

      DeLorean and Avanti - Modern design classics.

      Ford GT - Inspired by the GT40 of the '60s.

Other Stuff:

      Dr. Bob's Toolbox - Digital tire pressure gauges.

      Dr. Bob's Toybox - Muppet Labs characters!

      Dr. Bob's Computer Stuff - Optical Mice & a nice USB Hub


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