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Gold Plated DeLorean

A DeLorean at the Petersen Museum

1981 Gold Plated DeLorean S/N 04301After attending the resurrected 2005 Electrochemistry Gordon Conference in Ventura I took a day to do a little sight seeing. I paid a visit to the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. Although I went there looking for Duesenbergs, this gold plated DeLorean caught my eye. It's a 1981 with hood creases but no gas flap. The antennae is on the right fender. Even the headlight bezels and tail pipes are plated!

The headliner is suffering a bit, but the finish looks great. I didn't get a photo of the info card, but the original sales price was $85,000.

You can read about an email I got concerning plating stainless and get more info about gold DeLoreans on Tamir's website. He shows a picture of the serial number plate: The car is # 04301. He also has a nice "walk around video" for download.

Gold DMC 04301 Gold DMC 04301 rear


 NEW  A little while ago, the director/producer of this You Tube video sent me the link.  The gold DeLorean was at the Reno National Automobile Museum. Some nice shots of the Gold D, but the "Flux Capacitor" comments make this video a really quite funny one!

Thanks Grant!

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