Why Buying a DeLorean Makes Perfect Sense!

Not that I have to justify it....

I decided that I was going to get a D in about 1988 or 89. I felt that I needed a goal to strive for.  Picking such a goal is not a trivial task. It must be neither too easy nor too hard. If it's too easy, you realize your dream too quickly, and then you're right back where you started, looking for another goal. If the goal is too difficult, you just get discouraged and give up.

Getting a DeLorean fell right in the middle. They are available, as a glance at the links on the DeLoreans for Sale page will show, but they won't show up on your Pontiac dealer's used car lot. The prices are affordable (see the Prices page) but not cheap. When I started seriously looking, an Autoweek article put the prices in the low teens, but I think they were mistaken, even then. I could have set my sights on a Duesenberg, but their prices place them in the "You'd better hit the lottery really BIG" category.

Parts are available! The warehouse full of new parts (now owned by The DeLorean Motor Company) that was left when the company went bankrupt is a godsend. I estimate that the prices are about twice what I would have paid for the equivalent part on my wife's old Volvo. They have an online store, so you can check out the prices.

Service is not TOO much of a problem. Well, here it's a bit of a stretch. For serious repairs or a tune-up, I take the car up to PJ Grady. He is about a 2-3 hour drive, or a 3-4 hour train ride (schedules never match!) away. Minor stuff I can take care of myself. ( See my Service History! ) Even if you decide to let a local mechanic do the work, get both the Shop Manual and the Parts Catalog! The Shop Manual gives the standard instructions for removing parts and re-assembling them, and the Part Catalog gives nice exploded views of everything. Both are handy!  

One of the strongest points in the DeLorean's favor is the DMC Newslist! D owners are active, and quite happy to share info. There are plenty of DeLorean websites, too. 

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