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Insuring a DeLorean
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I've gotten several emails asking about insuring a DeLorean. My story follows.

If you want to check out how much it might cost  you  to insure a DeLorean where you live, check the links below. In many cases they will not quote for all Zip codes, and none admit that 1983 was a valid year of manufacture, but these sites will quote for an '81 or at least for an '82!

If you are going to go to your local agent, download a copy of DeLorean Motor Company's "Insurance Letter" which is available on their downloads page.

There is also some info on the DeLorean newslist but it's hard to say how old it is.

Free Insurance Quote from offers quotes on auto (and other) insurance! There's no selection for DeLorean, so just choose (not listed) and enter DeLorean in the make box. offers insurance and loans. also offers a Free Insurance QuoteFree Insurance Quote from

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Once I had located my D and offered to buy it, the question of insurance came up. I knew that so-called "collectors insurance" or "classic car insurance" was available, but I wanted to drive my DeLorean as my regular car! I called my insurance company (New Jersey Manufacturers), expecting problems.  Surprise! Things went pretty smoothly! The girl on the phone didn't blink when I said I wanted to add a DeLorean to my policy and she started to take the required info. 

I knew things were going well when she asked for the VIN and I gave her my full VIN and she said "wait a second" and then came back and said "OK, that checks out!" She did say, though, that she's have to look it up in 'Cars of Particular Interest' since it's not listed in the usual NADA books.

She told me that they could insure the car as "an average DeLorean." DeLorean prices in CoPI ranged from $13,000 to $19,000, and so they would insure it for $16,000. When I  said I wanted it insured for my full purchase price ($20,000) I was told that I'd need an appraisal, and pictures of all four sides of the car and of the interior.  I took the photos and PJ Grady gave me a letter indicating the car's value, and that was satisfactory.

What about the COST? I was pretty pleasantly surprised! My DeLorean was NOT the most expensive to insure car on my policy! That honor belonged to my daughter's 1997 Mazda Protoge! Of course, my yearly mileage was pretty low (about 7000 miles a year, check my Service History for some proof), and my age is in my favor, but it's about $1000/year to insure my D. This includes collision, comprehensive, and the same liability coverage as all my other cars. 

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