What's new at Electrochemistry and the DeLorean Motorcar?

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July 2010

A Visit to the Cussler Museum.

Aug 2009

Duesenberg 20 Grand in 1:24 scale.

Jan 2009

Bob's new Grandson, Collin Rider Duck.


Some "Music for Electrochemists".
Updated info on DeLorean trademarks and JZD's biblical corporations.
Gable's JN and Cooper's SSJ road trip.
GM shows fuel cell Equinox.
J510 at the 2008 Hershey Auction.
More pictures of SJN533.
Derham Toursters J423 and J448.


Updated information on SJN533 and Gable's J560
A little more info on chassis 2424
The Derham Tourster - All eight have survived.
Four Duesenbergs at the Bethlehem PA Concours
1983 DeLorean at The Nethercutt - Not ALL the cars are old!
The Duesenberg JN - Info on the 10 JNs
DuesenBlog - Duesenberg News!
Video of the Gold DeLorean added
Cars (pixar) Standups in the Bookstore!
"The Last Duesenberg" sells at auction!!


Bob visited Disney World and had his picture taken with Lightning McQueen!
Hershey Auction news and picture!
An Electrochemical Sportscar!
Bob's Grandchild - Zachary Duck
What is Bob Thinking?
My Full Scale Duesenberg pieces ;)
Two more Duesenberg go up for sale in March at Amelia Island.
Bob's Family
Two Duesenberg J's went to the auction block.  One sold, the other did not.


A Visit to the NE Classic Car Museum
Duesenberg Custom Coach to design modern Duesenberg!
Another Duesenberg Sale
Duesenberg trademark activity.
Another picture of Clark Gable's Duesenberg.
Duesenberg News
Petersen Museum: 1932 Duesenberg J
New Duesenberg book announced
Gold Plated DeLoreans


Clark Gable's Duesenbergs
Ford GT and GT40 in books and on DVD
DeLorean Model - Welly 1:24 reviewed :(
New Pic on updated 1:18 Scale DMC model review!
Die cast autos in Bob's Store!
History of Echem updated
Stainless Steel 1960 Ford Thunderbird 
Duesenberg Motors is looking for a buyer!.
DeLorean Trademarks updated


A larger picture of my model of Duesenberg J550.
What is MOLE DAY ?
Other Owner's Repairs Links updated!
St Paul's and 9/11.  A book and some recollections.
What does a DeLorean sound like?
Duesenberg SSJ page added.
DeLorean related Trademarks.
New Model added to my Duesenberg Collection!
MINI fans - Remake of "The Italian Job"


Good News for fans of the Agent character "JohnZ"!.
DMC2 page updated.
Electrochemistry, An Historical Perspective.
Other Cars: OTAS page expanded
Snapshots of my DeLorean and a picture of the 1:18 model.
Other Stainless Steel Cars The Stainless Steel Ford at NACE.
New window switches on the Service Page.
We now have a Privacy Policy.
Paper Cut Out DeLorean. New Link!
Duesenberg Shopping Simplified! Several scale models!


Engine cleaning and cooling system work on the Service Page.
Dr. Bob "On Science"!
Traveling?  You need The Hitchhiker's Guide
Passed NJ Inspection! On the Service page!
Overheating problems  :(  and a fix ? on the Service page.
More info on Bob's Mini Page.
The Electrochemical Automobile! Fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors combine my interest in cars with my interest in electrochemistry.


We MOVED to our Own Domain!
Awards page added.
Duesenberg Collection page updated with pictures!

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