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What is Electrochemistry? Check here for some answers!

Electrochemistry -- An Historical View Some links to the history of electrochemistry.

eXtreme Electrochemistry! EChem in Inner- and Outer- space!  Mars or Bust! 

Electrochemistry in your car? Yes, and soon it may be electrochemically powered! Read about the Electrochemical Vehicle! and the Electrochemical Sports Car!

Another Electrochemistry - DeLorean Connection! Believe it or not, this site is not the only one!

If you were to make a movie, what actor would play your favorite electrochemist? Bob poses this question in response to Elizabeth Shue's portrayal in "The Saint."

Even Electrochemists win Nobel Prizes! Get the stories behind the 1959 and 1992 awards! Become an Electrochemist and maybe you'll win one too! 

More of Dr. Bob's electrochemical wisdom is available on his hard-core electrochemistry site, Research Solutions and Resources. Check the Resources area!

Music for Electrochemists! Listen!  NEW 

Mole Day October 23.

Black Gold - Not OIL this time, but conducting polymers. The 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

Dr. Bob on being a scientist.

Wondering about Reference Electrodes?  Check this table!

Prefixes for SI units. A useful table, and how to pronounce "giga" correctly.

You can not live by electrochemistry alone! Read News from the World of Science.

Need a book on electrochemistry? Peruse Dr. Bob's Bookshelf!


The 2007 Reilley Award goes to George Wilson.  Mary Beth Williams will be awarded the Young Investigator Award!  See them at PittCon 2007 in Chicago!

The ACS Analytical Division's Award in Electrochemistry has been revitalized! The 2006 winner was Joe Wang!

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Searching for Electrochemistry links? Try the Open Directory Project.  Bob edits the Electrochemistry section.  Submit your favorite electrochemistry links!

The SEAC site (Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry) not only has SEAC news, but a nice collection of Electrochemistry related links, including journals and upcoming meetings!  JOIN!

Looking for more electrochemical information? Visit Zoltan Nagy's ESTIR. It's a GREAT compilation of links! There is a dictionary of electrochemistry and a brief encyclopedia. Both are great if you are just starting out!   Recommended! 

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