What IS Electrochemistry?

I've gotten several emails over the years that I've had this website asking "What is Electrochemistry?"  I've tried to answer each curious passerby, and I will continue to!  However, everyone who is doing "electrochemistry" has their own concept of what it is.  I'll add my views shortly.

In the mean time, you might consider emailing or phoning the Electrochemical Society.  They have a nice booklet entitled "What is Electrochemistry" which they will send you if you ask politely.  It contains short articles on everything from Batteries to Sensors, and a lot in between.  The last article,   "The Society on Wheels", is a nice essay on how electrochemistry is applied in the author's automobile.  It's nicely non-technical and well worth reading with your kids! For more information on electrochemistry and the automobile, read Bob's Electrochemical Vehicle, or check Dr. Bob's Bookshelf for some automotive fuel cell history and commentary!

The Chemical Heritage Society has an exhibit on Electrochemistry and its history. They also have a book entitled "Chemistry is Electric" which accompanies the exhibit. The book is available from Amazon.com or from the Chemical Heritage Society.

If you want to see where electrochemistry started about 160 years ago, check out this link.  You might also want the thank the people who brought it to you, and to see what else they have to offer.

Electrochemistry 101 in 25 Words or Less? Well, not quite, but Pete Kissinger summarizes electrochemistry in a short article in the Sept. 2002 issue of Current Separations. Written for the non-electrochemical scientist.

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