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Why is this page here?

Many people think that the DeLorean is not a reliable automobile.  I've had mine for over eight ! years now, and the problems I've had have been about what one would expect from a 20 year old car with 80+ kmiles on it! My history is below!

I've done some of the minor service myself. If you are planning to do your own work, or have a local DeLorean non-expert do it, get a copy of the Workshop Manual and Parts Catalogue from one of the DeLorean vendors!   The Parts Catalogue is available online at http://www.dmcnews.com/files.html. An interactive Parts Catalogue/Pricelist is available on the DeLorean One website or on the DeLorean Motor Company website.

Other owners' repairs Other Owner's Repairs

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Mar 2002 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Window Switches.  NEW ! 

June 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. More cooling system wars! 

Mar 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Inspection redux. I finally passed!

Feb 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Installing the Automatic Air Bleeder.

Feb 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Overheating and a Failed Inspection.

Oct 2000 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Overdue Oil, Filter Change. Replaced air filter too.

May 2000 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Battery replaced!

Feb 2000 - RSR 78710.18 mi Speedometer Blues! 

Dec 1999 - RSR 77500 mi (approx.) Road Trip!
Sept 1999 - RSR 76030  mi. Starter problems and an oil change.
Aug 1999 - RSR 75998 mi. Emergency road-side repair! Water hose!
Apr 1999 - PJ Grady 73626 mi. Tires & a normal 15,000 mi service

Jan 1997 - PJ Grady 61208 mi. 60,000 mi service, brass radiator

Dec 1996 - PJ Grady 60133 mi. Overheating problem.
Feb 1996 - PJ Grady 50165 mi. Brakes & steel coolant bottle.

Feb 1996 - Purchased 50152 mi.


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