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DeLorean News List Check the archives for DMC info! They also have the Parts Manual FREE for downloading in pdf format!  This has 'exploded' pictures showing the parts and numbers. A must for all DMC owners! New owners should view the pdf formatted Owners Manual! The newslist is a great place to pick up tidbits or get answers. 

If you are thinking about buying a DeLorean, start reading now! Know what to expect! Nice display of Vanity Plates too!  Recommended! 

"DMC Help" is jointly sponsored by DMC (Texas), DMC (Florida), PJ Grady, and DeLorean Motor Center.  Offers answers from the "pros."

"DMCTalk" is an open community forum which is quite active. Comments and reviews of various upgrades and an active "For Sale" section.  NEW 

DeLorean links from "The DMOZ Open Directory Project". Suggest your favorite links here!



The DeLorean Owners Association is probably the oldest DeLorean club. I'm a member!

De Lorean Midatlantic  has some tech tips and AC parts cross-ref. They held a free door adjustment!  April 21, 2001  in Ringoes, NJ. I missed it, alas.

Mid-state De Lorean club also has some tech tips. They have a poster and parts for sale that I have not seen elsewhere.

Arizona has the start of a club website. Not much there today. Tomorrow? 

Northern California club is holding a show together with Bricklin owners.

Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club has some nice pictures of the DeLorean Tow Truck and trailer! Classified section too.

DFW-DMC has some movie clips from TV and movies that featured the DeLorean. Also, LED replacements for interior & dash lights! Other replacement parts also. 

DMCMD is a Maryland based group with pictures of an outing to the third gold DeLorean  NEW 

DeLorean owners in the UK have a nice club site. Nice gallery.  NEW 

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Commercial Sites:  Sales, Service, Parts

In case you have to get to P.J. Grady to pick up your DMC, take the LIRR to Sayville. Grady has done the serious service on my DeLorean.  Recommended! 

PJ Grady now has a UK branch! Check out

If you live on the left coast, visit DeLorean One. They have re-conditioned DeLoreans for sale, but at a price!  $76,750 (as of Mar, 2009)!

The DeLorean Motor Center is now DeLorean Motor Company California and is another choice for So. Calif owners.

Send your kids to Disneyland -  you can visit Don Steger's Fantasyland! Oh, yeah.. Don was in on the Monster Garage episode transforming a DeLorean into a Hovercraft.

De Lorean Steel Products has throttle shields (stainless or black), stainless letters, and more. has a small selection of upgrade/repair parts: door seals, eye-brow minimizers, etc.  NEW 

Special T Auto has some items the other suppliers do not. 140 Amp Alternator, Replacement for fan relay, etc.

Specialty Automotive (don't confuse with Special T Auto!) has changed hands.  
Darryl Tinnerstet ran Specialty Automotive, but has retired. The new owners have expanded the web site & promise a newsletter. 

The DeLorean Motor Company probably has the largest supply of DMC parts anywhere!  Refurbished DeLoreans starting at $57,500 (as of Mar 2009) Check out their improved engine ! I want one! 

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