A Duesenberg You Can OWN !
Start Small

1:24 Scale

The 1933 Duesenberg Twenty Grand is also still available from the Franklin Mint! The original is at the Nethercutt Collection.

Duesenberg Twenty Grand

You'll want a display case to keep dust & fingers off of your Duesenbergs! Most cases made for a 1:24 die cast are too small for a Duesenberg! Get one of these designed for 1:18! Trust me, the hood ornament lasts a lot longer if the model is in a case!

1:18 Scale

The 1:18 model of J-185 that you can see in my collection is becoming harder to find. Motormint.com still has a 1:32 scale version available. You can still get the 1:18 scale from eBay or Duesenberg Custom Coach.

Gary Cooper owned several Duesenbergs. A 1/18 scale model of his short wheelbase SSJ is available! This is the SSJ that I used to visit at the Briggs Cunningham Auto Museum in Costa Mesa, CA, around 1970, and later saw at the Collier Museum in Florida. It was like meeting an old friend again! 

I received the model as a gift in 2002 (visit my collection), and it is NICE!

Ertl models of the SSJsA similar model, painted in the red and grey colors of the "Clark Gable" SSJ is also available! I purchased the model on eBay. It makes a nice companion to the Cooper SSJ!

1:1 Scale

Get one USED from Auto Collections

See the pieces of My Real Duesenberg

autobaron.com has search results from many sites.


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