A Duesenberg for the Holidays !
It's not too early to start shopping!

I recently visited Las Vegas and left with a bitter sweet memory. The Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino has broken up their car collection!   They had, at one time, the worlds largest collection of Duesenbergs on the planet! Every time I visit Las Vegas, I make a pilgrimage to the Imperial Palace to view their Duesenbergs.  A few years ago, I was there for an ACS Meeting, and there were over 30 on display.  The next time I visited there were only 21! This time(2/03 ) the count was 10. Still, it's worth the trip. Admission is free with the coupon on their web site

All of their cars have stickers on them and are for sale.  If you have $250,000 to $1,650,000 (that's 0.25 to 1.65 MegaBucks!) you can pick one up for that special Duesenberg fanatic ! If you are a few pennies short of a roll, I may be able to help! Here are a few suggestions for scale model Duesenbergs! You can see the ones I've collected here. For other Duesenberg related gifts, check the links below.

 An Update ! 

The Imperial Palace Auto Collection has taken on a life of its own! With a new web site, a new name, and a new mission, you can still see a collection of Duesenbergs! It's just a smaller sample! What was the Imperial Palace's auto collection is now a used car lot, but what cars! Good quality pictures of the cars are on-line! All of the cars are listed for sale!

Click on Current Inventory and scroll down past the DeSotos & Dodges and enter Duesenberg Heaven! Pictures of nearly a dozen Duesies are on-line.

In the last Hemming's Motornews I picked up, many of the Duesenberg ads were for these cars.

Check the Duesenberg section on Dr Bob's Bookshelf

History of the Duesenberg on Video!

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