My 1932 Duesenberg

OK, so it's not a COMPLETE Duesenberg, but it's more than I ever expected to have!

I was searching through eBay under "Duesenberg" in January 2006 when I came across two items I could not resist. One was a pair of Lynite connecting rods from a J, the other was a water jacket access plate.  Both items were offered by a seller who (I found out after I bought them) was in the business of restoring engines!  They were offered on eBay since they were no longer serviceable.

One of my Duesenberg Connecting RodsThe connecting rods are part J-309. One (marked J-309-BA) has what I believe to be a date stamp -- 10 25 32 -- which is quite consistent with Duesenberg history. It is the one shown here, and belonged in cylinder 7. The seller did not know the J number of the engine from which they had been removed. Both connecting rods had seen a lot of use.  The crankshaft journal on one was very badly scored and the other has damage to the oil channels. I don't care! They came from a Duesenberg and they are mine! One sits in my office at work, the other in my office at home.

The water jacket access plateThe water jacket access plate has also seen a lot of use and showed signs of having been involved in an ongoing water leak. The inside is rust stained and somewhat corroded, the outside also shows rust and corrosion damage. It's not the sort of thing that you would put on the engine of your $500K+ Duesenberg engine, but eventually it will look GREAT on my wall! Although it will never look like new, I will try to polish it up and mount it in a Duesenberg Green shadowbox.

Click the thumbnails, above, for a closer view.

It's nice when dreams come true!

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