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Keeping it on the road!

Why is this page here?

Many people think that the DeLorean is not a reliable automobile.  I've had mine for over eight ! years now, and the problems I've had have been about what one would expect from a 20+ year old car with 80 kmiles on it! My history is below!

I've done some of the minor service myself. If you are planning to do your own work, or have a local DeLorean non-expert do it, get a copy of the Workshop Manual and Parts Catalogue from one of the DeLorean vendors!   The Parts Catalogue is available online at http://www.dmcnews.com/files.html. An interactive Parts Catalogue/Pricelist is available on the DeLorean One website or on the DeLorean Motor Company website.

Other owners' repairs Other Owner's Repairs

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Mar 2002 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Window Switches.

June 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. More cooling system wars!
Mar 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Inspection redux. I finally passed!
Feb 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Installing the Automatic Air Bleeder.
Feb 2001 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Overheating and a Failed Inspection.

Oct 2000 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Overdue Oil, Filter Change. Replaced air filter too. 
May 2000 - RSR 78710.18+?000 mi. Battery replaced!
Feb 2000 - RSR 78710.18 mi Speedometer Blues! 

Dec 1999 - RSR 77500 mi (approx.) Road Trip!
Sep 1999 - RSR 76030  mi. Starter problems and an oil change.
Aug 1999 - RSR 75998 mi. Emergency road-side repair! Water hose!
Apr 1999 - PJ Grady 73626 mi. Tires & a normal 15,000 mi service

Jan 1997 - PJ Grady 61208 mi. 60,000 mi service, brass radiator

Dec 1996 - PJ Grady 60133 mi. Overheating problem.
Feb 1996 - PJ Grady 50165 mi. Brakes & steel coolant bottle.

Feb 1996 - Purchased 50152 mi.

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