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Fans and Others


Tamir's Site is both visually appealing and informative. He has posted his very complete service history as well. Recommended!


Tamir also has a site about D Rex, the D turned into a Monster Truck. 
No D's were harmed in the making of this Truck.

Buy this 1:18 scale DeLorean from diecastfast.comGet this 1:18 Scale DeLorean!  Check the Model Page for a review.

DMCTalk is a new bulletin board that seems fairly active.

Michael Babb's site has LOTS of info about magazine articles and other collectible stuff about the DeLorean. and many pictures of his D.

Free Paper Cut-Out DeLorean DeLorean for FREE! Click the button to get a cut-and-fold paper DeLorean! Print out the first page on heavy paper and paste it together!

An Italian DMC site reveals the DSV protoype - DeLorean Safety Vehicle.

More Sites Listed under Service

A MAGLEV DeLorean?
  100 mpg too! NEW 

Tony Swiantek has some nice pictures of his car (#10607) at the Memphis and Cleveland DeLorean Car Shows.

Ken Montgomery's site is well laid out and has a nice "how-to" on headliner replacement. 

DeLorean2k is a well designed and attractive site.  Worth a look!   

Want to hear what a DeLorean sounds like? Check out bands with DeLorean names!

A DeLorean Twin Turbo is available for the Microsoft game Midtown Madness ! Follow this link and click on Cars!  

Used books about John DeLorean may be  available from Powell's Books! All the books are now out-of-print, so forget or

TimeTalks - UK site

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