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My Favorite DeLorean Mechanic
(Besides Me!)

A visit to Grady's is a trip to DeLorean heaven! On one visit I counted nearly 30 DeLoreans, in varying shape, at his shop. Another of the nice things about visiting Grady's shop is the collection of pictures on the wall. Apparently, "PJ Grady" was a Chevy dealer as early as 1918, at the SAME location as Rob's present shop! See the pictures on their new web site!

See what work they have done on my DMC!

PJ Grady Inc.
118 Montauk Highway
West Saville, NY 11796

Parts Orders: (800) 350-7429
Tech Info: (631) 589-6224
FAX: (631) 589-6241

Visit PJ Grady's HomePage or drop Rob Email
Grady's Webpage has been updated! 
You can now order parts ONLINE!
(But then you don't get a chance to speak to Rob or Debbie!)

Check the LIRR Schedule to Sayville!

PJ Grady Business Card

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