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Finding a DeLorean for Sale

DeLoreans are easy to find.

Meet John Z
Meet John Z

The New DeLorean? This one is really happening!

Once you've found one, read the DOA's shopping "Checklist before you go see it! Also, get the De Lorean Motor Company's buyer's Checklist which is available on their downloads page or through a link at the DOA site.

How much should you pay? Stainless Steel burnishing and polishing kit, $49.50; Gull-wing doors, $10,000; DeLorean -- Priceless!

Finding one is only the start. Now what about INSURANCE ? Here's my story along with some online resources! 

Mine is NOT for Sale, but here are places you may find your D !

In the DeLorean Community

The DMC Newslist "Department of Commerce" also has a selection of ads for D's for sale!

The DeLorean Owners Ass'n has classified ads.

Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club also has a classified listing.

DMCTalk is a community forum with a good For Sale section!  NEW 

The DeLorean Motor Company also has warranted, "New Build" D's. $57,500 gets you one! Performance engine, CD player, etc, are available.

DeLorean One has reconditioned, "nearly new", D's for sale, with 6 month warranty. $76,750.

Check with your favorite DeLorean vendor. Nearly all of them have, or know of, quality DeLoreans for sale!

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In Magazines or on General Car Sites

Don't Forget about eBay! DeLoreans often show up there! Check under "collector cars."

autobaron.com has links to quite a few.

Check Collector Car TraderOnLine !  There were several D's listed last time I looked! Select "DeLorean" in their makes box and  click "GO!" See what's there now!


Hemmings Motor News always has several listed. Check their online listings.
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FossilCars.com has a section for DeLoreans. Several were recently listed.

CarTrackers.com generally has a few offered!

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