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The final chapter?

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DMC Houston has hit the news, and the DMC Newslist, with reports that they are producing "new" DeLoreans.  The news report (AP) that I read said that they would use a new stainless frame, lighter fiberglass, and the Stage 2 (or 3!) engine and the warehouse of NOS parts to produce a "new" DeLorean. The $57,500 base price tag is a bit more than their old base price ($42,500) for a "restored" DeLorean. Some of that difference is the stainless frame. Place your order now, wait time is a year or more! DMCH "restored" DeLoreans do not appear to be available anymore!

DMCH on "Good Morning America" Posted on YouTube

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The Final Chapter

A while ago I got an email on this topic.

The Discovery channel aired a show this afternoon on Delorean's history. At the conclusion of the show, the commentator mentioned that John Delorean was currently designing a new, plastic car. If I heard correctly, base price would be in the 20K range. Have you heard anything about this?

With the passing of John DeLorean, I think that the final chapter of that "new" DeLorean has been closed.

The DeLorean Motor Club of Canada has some news releases from the mid-1980's about John's plans to build another car, but nothing recent. The last update on that page is 1997.

For some time, deloreantime.com had an order form for a DMC2 watch and a series of  videos from an interview with John DeLorean himself. According to these videos, the car's concept was to have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio due to it's very light weight composite structure, and to sell at a target price of about $30,000. The site also had more information (and pictures) of the watch.

The deloreantime.com site is now (8/07) history.

At one time there was also a listing for DeLoreanLLC.com registered to John DeLorean with the same  Nanuet, NY address as deloreantime.com! DeLoreanLLC.com has also disappeared.

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