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Check out these signs of my own personal Duesenberg dementia!

It's a Duesenberg and it's mine!

A pair of Duesenberg SSJ;s!Read about MY Duesenberg Collection!

The Duesenberg SSJ 

The Duesenberg JN Series.

The Derham Tourster.

J510 for Auction, Hershey 2008The AACA Fall Hershey Meet:  2009  NEW  2008  2007

The 2007 Concours d'Elegance of the Eastern US.

Scale Model Duesenbergs that You can own!

Memories of Driving a Duesenberg !

My Duesenberg Ride!

Duesenberg News: Auctions, Sales, Concours info.


Duesenbergs in Museums and Collections

A spectacular visit to the Nethercutt Collection! A visit I won't forget!

The Cussler Museum's four Deusenbergs  NEW! 

A visit to the Blackhawk Museum and Clark Gable's Duesenbergs

A visit to the Northeast Classic Car Museum.  Two Duesenbergs and a surprise!

1932 Murphy bodied J at the Petersen Automotive Museum  

The Imperial Palace's Duesenberg collection.

A NEW Duesenberg? 

Check the Duesenberg section on Dr Bob's Bookshelf

History of the Duesenberg on Video!

Send a Duesenberg Internet Greeting Card!

Some other nice Duesenberg Sites

The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club is a wealth of information and some nice photos.

Automotive History Online has probably the most Duesenberg info online, including a quite complete "Duesenberg Registry" Excel spreadsheet with engine, chassis, and provenance information on over 300 Duesenbergs.

Duesenberg Racing has a nice family, auto, and racing history.  Yes, it's the same family as Fred and Augie! 

Some of Jay Leno's SIX Duesenbergs appear in Jay Leno's Gagage.

Get the  Duesenberg Model J Owner's Companion from motorbooks.com or Check their web site for other Duesenberg books!-

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