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No, this is not "CV - the Movie." ª

It all started innocently enough. I did a web seach for sites containing the word "electrochemist." I was surprised to find several links to the actress Elisabeth Shue. Confused (but not displeased), I looked further. In the movie, "The Saint," Elizabeth Shue played an electrochemist who had invented a "cold fusion bomb!"

That started me thinking....


'The Saint' DVDElisabeth Shue plays an "electrochemist" who has invented a "cold fusion bomb." See what Hollywood thinks about electrochemistry! This movie is available in DVD. Order this (soon to be) classic today!

Click here for info about Elizabeth Shue's DeLorean movies.

If you were going to make a 'cold fusion' movie, what actors would you hire to play the leading parts? I'm soliciting suggestions for actors to play the electrochemists listed in the reply form, below.

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Martin Fleischmann

Stanley Pons

Nate Lewis

Stephen Jones

Mike McKubre

Allen Bard

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Comments or suggestions?

Look out Stephen Spielberg.....

On a similar theme, the movie "Chain Reaction" is also about 'free' energy from a glass of water, however, this time by an unspecified process.  Available in DVD, Blu-ray, and Amazon Unbox.

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