The Northeast Classic Car Museum

I visited the Northeast Classic Car Museum (Norwich, NY) on the way back from a business trip in Rochester.  Their claim to fame is the collection of Franklin's.  However, their website advertised that they had two Duesenbergs.

Chassis 2424, Body by Derham. Click for larger view in a new window.This "Derham" bodied long wheel base chassis (2424) originally sported a Willoughby Berline body and J408, according to Elbert.  Adler's newer book adds that it was delivered to C.G. Groff in 1931.  Although the museum card refers to it as a Tourster, the Automotive History Online's Duesenberg Registry notes that the engine is original, but that the body is a Tourster replica of unknown origin. 

J115 Holbrook All-weather Cabriolet. Click for larger view.The other Duesenberg on display had a bit more info.  It is J115, long wheel base chassis 2138 with Holbrook "All-weather Cabriolet" coachwork. The museum dated it as 1929, and that seems reasonable based on the J and chassis number.

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A Duesenberg and a DeLorean together!The surprise car was just across the isle from J115. There was a DeLorean!


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