Yet Another DMC-Echem Connection

The following note showed up in my email inbox. I enjoyed it, and think that you might find it interesting too. 

"Years ago I had a DeLorean on order. When the car came in I was not totally pleased with the quality, and decided to wait for another car. In the meantime DeLorean R&D was pursuing other colors for the car, and had at least a couple of "mules" equipped with twin turbos to help the breathing. I also remember a car painted red, but it was somewhat difficult and expensive to get the paint to adhere to the stainless steel panels. (I also remember a DeLorean that was brush plated with gold, but I don't believe it was a DMC project.)"

Note: This refers to the two American Express cars that were gold plated for AMEX for a promotion. Click here for Tamir's info on these and another gold D, or check out my pictures of the gold D at the Petersen Museum.

"At the time I ran a plating facility and one of our available finishes was black chrome. We plated up a couple of front fenders for the R&D group out in Newport Beach (if memory of the location serves me correctly). The finish turned out nicely, and I told them the black chromium also served as a suitable primer for paint application if desired, due to the microporous nature of the oxidized chromium.

"They liked the panels so I decided to wait further on delivery in hopes of a twin turbo with black chrome panels plated in our facility. Within just a few days the DeLorean/drug arrest helped seal the fate of the DMC and the rest is history." 


Thanks to Lawson Huntley, both for the email, and also for allowing me to post it here.


If you are interested in painted or colored DeLoreans, take a look at http://web.tampabay.rr.com/deloreans/

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