Bob's Cars: 2002 Toyota MR2

I can almost hear you asking now: "What's with the MR2?"

Well, the Altima was getting a bit long in the tooth for an 80 mile/day commute and I started to get the New Car Itch.

If you check my Cars page, you'll see that I had never owned a mid-engine car (rear, yes: the DeLorean and the OTAS, but never one where the engine was in front of the rear axle)! I also had never owned a convertible.

Me in my new MR2

Soooo... Looking around at new mid-engine convertibles that I could afford, the MR2 was nearly the only choice.  The only problem was finding one for sale!  My brother-in-law found one at Toyota of Newburgh (NY) and I called his salesman, Bob Bright and bought it over fourth of July weekend! If you live nearby, email, call, or stop by & tell Bob I sent you! It was a great car-buying experience. RECOMMENDED! 

Autoweek was right! The MR2 is a great car as long as you don't mind no storage space, small quarters, and a lot of road noise. I love it! The DeLorean, though, is the car to take on a trip! It has gobs more storage space than the MR2 (if you can believe it!!) 

In poking around, I found out that not only did Lotus do design work for the DeLorean, but they were also involved in the initial design of the original MR2!

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